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Radcliffe Sword Club Junior Section was formed in September 2008 with grant funding support from England Fencing, Rushcliffe Borough Council, East Midlands Airport, Nottinghamshire County Council, and British Telecom.

There are now more than 30 children training regularly in our excellent facilities with state-of-the-art equipment under the supervision of fully qualified and insured England Fencing- registered coaches. Coach-to-pupil ratio is kept deliberately low to ensure plenty of individual attention and teaching. We encourage children to work towards their grading exams and to enter local, regional and national competitions - although there is no pressure to do so if any child would rather simply enjoy fencing in the club.

Your child will learn physical and mental agility, sporting behaviour and attitudes and will be challenged both physically and mentally. Fencers are closely supervised throughout each session. You are very welcome to come into the salle at any time and watch. If you have any questions about our club or its activities please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome parental help and involvement, whether you are a fencer or not. Contact details are given below.

What does my child need to start fencing?

The club will provide all the necessary safety equipment and clothing. The young fencer should wear

  • Track suit trousers or jogging bottoms (not jeans, cargo pants, shorts or anything with open pockets)
  • Thin-soled, non-marking, trainers and socks
  • A T-shirt
  • A sweatshirt or something warm to change into after the session

Those who use an inhaler should bring it with them and those with long hair should have something with which to tie their hair back.

What does it cost?

The Beginners Course costs £45.00 for 8 weeks. This includes hire of club equipment (mask, glove, jacket and foil) and all coaching.

You can download an enrolment form for the Beginners' Course here.

For those who wish to continue fencing after the course the fees are:-
Annual Membership £20.00
Monthly Subs £15.00 (preferably paid by Monthly Direct Debit).
Members may continue to use club equipment, but if there is a course running equipment will be allocated to those on the course first.
There are links to several equipment suppliers on the Links page for members who wish to purchase their own kit.

Parents' Guide Child Protection Contact List Course Syllabus

For further information regarding our policies and operating procedures please the club policy documents on the Clubmark page.




Summer 2017 junior medalists